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Quarterly Pest Control Service in Lexington

The most effective way to prevent insect populations from spiking in or around your home or business is to request quarterly pest control service. A certified technician from Copeland Exterminating Service will visit your Lexington home four times per year to inspect the area for signs of bugs and apply treatments to keep pests at bay. Scheduling visits for every third month allows us to maintain an effective level of control substances and to revisit your property before the previous protection has worn off. Most residential and commercial customers do very well with service visits spaced in this manner. Our chemicals and other treatments are designed to last until our next appointment, which is more cost-effective than monthly treatments.

Routine Visits for Effective Prevention

A routine pest management strategy is the best method of prevention. Waiting until you see the offending insects to call for service often means you’ve delayed for too long. Oftentimes, a visible insect is an indication of a larger, invisible problem. Regular treatments maintain a barrier around the structure, ensuring that insects are either repelled or killed before they cross your threshold. This is also the most cost-effective method, as major treatments for large problems are avoided with routine visits. If you need ant control or extermination for cockroaches, spiders or other bugs, our staff can design an individualized treatment plan that effectively prevents these insects from entering your house or building.

Call Today to Get Started

For the best insect management for your Lexington commercial or residential property, we recommend quarterly service. Our technicians are always available between visits should you need additional attention or notice any issues. Give us a call today at 803-359-7926 to schedule service or for more information regarding quarterly pest control.

Quarterly Pest Control Service in Lexington