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Effective Ant Control in Lexington

Getting rid of ants in and around your Lexington home or building is a key element of your overall pest control treatment strategy. When you call Copeland Exterminating Service for your prevention and extermination needs, we get to the source of the problem by first locating the nest and then taking the necessary steps to get rid of these groupings. If you notice ants trailing along baseboards or in cracks in the cement, it is likely an indication of a much larger problem. Until the nest is eliminated, the insects will continue to reproduce. Our expert, certified technicians are experienced in treating argentine, fire, carpenter, pharaoh, pavement and odorous house ants. No matter if your insects are large or small, red or black, aggressive or shy, our methods are an effective solution. Alongside complete removal, we can recommend strategies for long-term population suppression and deterrence.

Removal Strategies That Work

Successful ant control also involves effective prevention. These insects are attracted to food sources, especially those that are sticky or high in protein. Storing food in air-tight containers or buckets is the best way to eliminate the smell and attraction. You may find it necessary to remove food items from their original packaging and store them in new containers to effectively eliminate an active infestation. Taking the trash out daily and storing it in a closed container will also help deter these bugs from taking up residence in or around your home. Rinse any recyclables before disposing of them to ensure that all food residue is removed.

Prevention for Your House or Building

When you need a reliable exterminator with proven ant control techniques, our team can help. Give us a call today and schedule your free estimate. Our experts can be reached for service throughout Lexington at 803-359-7926.

Effective Ant Control in Lexington