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Effective Mosquito Control & Prevention in Lexington

Enjoying a leisurely summer in your Lexington backyard can be as simple as scheduling mosquito control from the team of experts at Copeland Exterminating Service. Our technicians are trained and certified, so rest assured that they can help you identify mosquito breeding grounds and implement methods to reduce the number of these bugs you come into contact with. Water is an essential component in the mosquito life cycle. The insect lays its eggs in stagnant water, and it doesn’t necessarily need large ponds in order to do so. Usually, the more nearby standing water there is, the larger the potential for problems, so effective mosquito control includes identifying and eliminating these water-source breeding grounds.

Take Back Your Yard

Because the nesting locations for these annoying creatures can be different for every home, our team will work to create a tailored solution for your property. Aside from being itchy and uncomfortable, a mosquito bite can also be dangerous to your health. The West Nile virus, which is transmitted when an infected insect bites a human or other mammal, is common and widespread. Controlling the insect population greatly decreases the chances of you or your family contracting this disease. Whether you want to control an ongoing infestation or develop a plan to take back your backyard this summer, we will aid you in significantly reducing the bug population around your home by eradicating breeding and nesting areas.

Protect Your Family Today

Enjoy your porch, patio or backyard this year with our help. If you are interested in quarterly service or would simply like a free estimate for mosquito eradication, our friendly staff would be happy to assist you. For service for your Lexington home or business, give us a call at 803-359-7926.

Effective Mosquito Control & Prevention in Lexington