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Commonly Asked Pest Control Questions and Answers

How do I know if I am having a problem with termites?

Winged termites are often the first sign of subterranean termite infestation. Swarming termites are attracted to light and are often found near windows, doors, vents and lighting fixtures. Mud termite shelter tubes can be found on foundation walls in the crawlspace, the exterior walls and in the garage. Because subterranean termites are preventable, it is a good idea to have your property inspected by pest control professional.

Is there anything I can do to prevent pest in my home?

Our service professional will inspect your property during your service and provide recommendations for correcting conditions that contribute to pest infestations.

Is it possible to get rid of cockroaches and keep them from coming back?

Cockroaches can be eliminated from a home, but reinfestations can occur. Outdoor cockroaches, such as American and smoky brown, may continually try to enter a home from the outside. Regular exterior service, in addition to sealing outside cracks and holes in walls, can help limit such invasions.

Are the chemicals you use safe for kids and animals?

The low-toxicity chemicals we use are safe for people and pets. Depending on the target pest, we might recommend pets, children or adults with allergies to leave for two to three hours during and after the treatment.

Do the chemicals you use have a bad odor?

Another great benefit of low-toxicity chemicals is virtually odorless pest control.

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